Opera Soul is not only the trademark & vocal style in which JC Thompson
executes his craft.

It is Harlem’s only vocal lab that enables singers to incorporate the fundamentals of strong vocal technique along with the performance & delivery of today’s contemporary music.

JC has received training in voice & vocal performance from The Julliard School, Westchester Conservatory of Music & Elizabeth City State University of North Carolina. Singing & performing since the age of four.

JC understands the nuisances & cultural impact places upon African America, Black & Latino voices.

JC Thompson provides the training that will allow those unique voices needed to flourish & thrive.

His protegees can nail any musical part in a show, avoid getting hoarse on tour, learn how to singing through hoarseness, vocal self-repair, dynamic breathe control, vocal tricks & vocal stage presence.

JC Thompson is versed in Classical, Opera, Gospel, Jazz, Broadway & R&B. He sings in six different languages & has performed throughout the world. JC is also versed in the “business” of music performance, holding a B.S. degree in Business Administration/Marketing and M.B.A. in Media Management & Marketing, helping his clients bridge together the beauty & business of music entertainment.

Open your mind to Opera Soul, a new way to let your voice SOAR!

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