READY…are you?

“READY” is the sophomore album for JC Thompson & Beyond Blessed.“READY” is a magical mixture of music infusing the genre’s of R&B, Rock, Funk, Hip-Hop, Neo-Soul, House/Dance & of course Contemporary Gospel.

JC composed these songs, with an embedded message of uplift, unconditional love & encouragement – which is exactly what this world is in need of today.

JC & Beyond Blessed universal appeal, warm spirit & musical delivery transcends age, gender, race & yes, even religious preferences…one God, for one People.

Each song is complimented by his 4 & 1/2 octave “Opera-Soul” Rich Baritone Vocals & the groups expressive & dynamic sound offering a fresh & unique sound to today’s contemporary Inspirational & Gospel Music

Get “Ready” for some amazing music!